H1Z1 Playstation 3 hacks

H1Z1 Playstation 3 hacks

Playstation 3 Hacks for H1Z1 are now available

H1Z1 Playstation 3 hacks

H1Z1 integrates a Battle Royale mode popular with gamers – directly inspired by the novel by Koshun Takami, but also and especially the mod directed by Brendan Green for Arma 2 and 3 (amateur) until he joined staff of the Daybreak Game studio.

Directly inspired by the novel of the same name signed by Japanese Koshun Takami, Battle Royale is based on a simple rule: a handful of participants abandoned in a confined space (Japanese students on an island in the novel) whose sole purpose is to impose itself as the last survivor of the group… assuming so to eliminate his cronies or at least of survive them while they kill each other between them. A ‘game’ having already made the object of several adaptations, in the cinema or in manga, and that easily finds its place in video games of survival.

DayZ, the title of Bohemia, thus proposes a mod “Battle Royale” originally designed for Arma 2 and then adapted for Arma 3 and DayZ Standalone. Known, the mod conducted amateur by a player, Brendan Greene (known as PLAYERUNKNOWN), and its creation clearly met a real success in the Community (he claims 200 000 downloads for 50 000 active players each month). To the point of attracting the attention of fire Sony Online, interested in the idea of integrating a “Battle Royale” mode in H1Z1.

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Sony Online become Daybreak Game could easily develop its own version of this Battle Royale, without the support and authorization of the modder. But we know the very fond ‘community stories’ studio and so very prompt support. Without doubt both to take advantage of the (small) reputation of Brendan Greene, but also “to do things correctly”, John Smedley, CEO of the studio, so took contact with Brendan Greene “to discuss. The young developer, who has worked for more than a year and a half on his mod without being able to market it (Bohemia the forbidden), therefore hoped to scrounge a few dollars to John Smedley for the use of its name in H1Z1. Rather unexpectedly, the CEO of Daybreak Game offered him a position of consultant within his studio. This is a great opportunity to get some playstation 3 hacks for H1Z1 for free.

Today, the Battle Royal mode is particularly popular among H1Z1 players, the Daybreak Game studio based clearly some hope in its monetization and as a (young) member of the development team, Brendan Greene participated in the series of video “meeting with the dev of H1Z1″ to outline his career and clarify his projects.

Known, in H1Z1, the Battle Royale mode encourages so a handful of players to compete in an area close for tens of minutes and the last survivors are rewarded. To spice up the clashes, the tournament is punctuated by air drops allowing survivors to collect weapons and medical equipment… but at their own risk because the aircraft can also sometimes drop bombs.

And to avoid fighting long-term displacement and that participants simply to avoid, the combat zone is gradually invaded a toxic gas gradually reducing respirable areas until the card is totally toxic. At the end of the Battle Royale, the last survivors are therefore forced to confront (even if some try to cooperate or militate for a non-violent approach to the Battle Royale… more often in vain).

At this point, according to Brendan Greene, Battle Royale of H1Z1 mode is not yet finalized and still will receive regular updates and adjustments. Mode should thus soon offer a best matchmaking to better balance the clashes, survivors could benefit from more vehicles (motorcycles for example, but not aerial vehicles deemed too powerful) and above all, the mode could integrate zombies to complicate the experience of survivors… What do competitive players during the alpha of H1Z1.

Battlefield Hardline XBOX One Hacks

Battlefield Hardline XBOX One Hacks

The most powerful Battlefield Hardline hacks for the XBOX One

Battlefield Hardline XBOX One Hacks

Their story is told in the single player campaign of battlefield hardline, that we first played in London under the eyes of Executive producer Steve Papoutsis.

The battlefield series throws overboard this year all soldiers and military clutter and controls into the robbers and gendarmes area. After’s campaign of battlefield 4 in last year suffered a lot of criticism, it is especially important this year to do a better job than the counterparts in the last year the visceral team to Papoutsis. In the first playable mission, we get a good impression of them. We’re together with colleague Khai in a run-down area of Miami, to question a drug courier.

Slowly rolling our car through the streets strewn with garbage, yelping dogs behind wooden fences, babies cry in crooked corrugated iron huts, shady figures staring at us from dark back alleys. Hardline builds an ominous and intense atmosphere in the first few minutes, but don’t forget the characters. Khai and Nick talk on the ride over Nick’s past, his father and a colleague who was shot a few days ago in the service. This creates identification and can at least hope that in hardline expect us not the typical Abziehbildchen figures of the last parts.

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Further, we have found our man a few street corners; he hangs around with two companions from a scrapped car. Slowly we approach the Group and show our police badge at your fingertips. The three intimidating, we get no answers yet. So the hard variant, an additional button, we press the courier to the ground and handcuff him. That seems to work, he tells us the hideout of tap, another Member of the drug cartel. To get his position is more difficult, because the streets are guarded by taps gang. Battlefield Hardline XBOX One Hack can improve your gaming experience and give you a great advantage over your adversaries. This Battlefield Hardline XBOX One Hacks are the best example why anti-cheating measures should be implemented on any online multiplayer game.

Cautious approach is therefore duty, battlefield hardline shuts down considerably the pace when compared to its predecessors. Who operates slowly, opponents observed and secretly switches off, collect rich rewards in the form of money, which we may use to buy new weapons. Enemies have a field of view that is displayed on the map in the form of a cone, similar like in Metal Gear Solid. We are visible, to an adversary also fills a bar – it is full, the opponent is placed on alert.

Therefore it is advisable always split groups of enemies and individually turn it off. How? Quite simply, Nick throws cartridges or coins, to lure enemies in a certain direction. Works for the play but rather moderately, since the coins are never more than a few meters far fly. Nevertheless, we are able to strike down all of our adversaries, and through side streets we will eventually reach our goal.

Dying Light PS4 Cheats

Dying Light PS4 Cheats

The first Dying Light cheats for the Playstation 4

Dying Light PS4 Cheats

You are in this city dropped by the secret intelligence service for which you are employed. It’s up to you to continue to isolate the virus and the task to keep it where it is, namely within the walls of Harran. Also you have to make sure that the knowledge about the virus remains limited and this can be within Harran with play your own moral. As you dropped is in Harran, you will yourself join the grouping that has saved you. They teach you the basics of the game, such as run, jump, climb and making weapons to defend yourself. In your base camp you will also find different people that were captured in Harran and do everything they can to still a just life to suffer.

There is not a cure for the virus and so it is very important that you keep survive. When you dropped is in Dying Light and your parachute jump not quite flawless is gone, not a bite to avoid falls. You will throughout the game are infected and although that sounds very serious, there is a ‘ procrastination-drug “. This drug is called Antizine. People around the city Harran not for ‘ death ‘ behind to send this drug regularly via airdrops to the city, where it is then fighting is to come as soon as possible to the airdrop. There are several camps that have an interest in such an airdrop, because Antizine is basically power in Harran, because this keeps people on their feet. Without a camp dies out quickly and Antizine is the end of story for that camp. It is also very important for you that you obtained, because you will Antizine the temporary keep healthy.

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Dying Light I actually began with the expectation that I besides slaughtering zombies also an interesting storyline was going to follow. This quickly proved a big disappointment and fair is fair, that takes the game actually start points. The whole idea behind the fact that you are undercover is actually totally not interesting and the way the story told is put well not exactly effective. This is also the reason why the game maybe some may disappoint.  Playstation 4 Cheats for Dying Light are already available here. A good story can at an action game like Dying Light yet are often just that little bit extra. When you go to the game starts and finds out that the story is actually quite standard and simple, then that’s quite unfortunate. The characters are actually also like zombies, because there is no realistic voice-acting, no character seems worth spending time to invest and you forget one after the other relatively quickly. Sometimes you see a character popping up and you think, oh yeah, that was he or she, but you build a bond with anyone and there is little motivation for hours on end in terms of storyline by playing. Are you looking for a game with a fascinating and interesting story? Then Dying Light maybe not directly for you, the game is interesting because of a different approach and that’s the action.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Xbox Hacks

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Xbox Hacks

Hacks for the Xbox 360 Version of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Xbox Hacks

To check these changes, nothing better than to see a level of the campaign mode, which shows the first mission of the protagonist working for Atlas after leaving the marines. We are in Lagos, Nigeria, and have kidnapped the Prime Minister, so we have to rescue him. The first bars of the demo are pretty classic for what we can expect in a Call of Duty. We will progress with our Squad, slightly seeing the situation knowing that then will be a good liar and we occasionally do some creeping death.

Grace is here on how all this, since the technology to which we have access quite changes the rules of the game. On the one hand, there is an accessory that allows us to see through the walls once settled, so to reach the room where is the Prime Minister, can be marked enemies to enter and only finish with them and not with the hostages. Before, to reach that area had to wear gloves to climb a wall, and thus there are several more examples. Xbox 360 cheats for the game can be found on this website for free.

After rescuing the Prime Minister, the thing is already warms and begins the action. After moving forward a little, it comes to a roundabout from which enemies are everywhere, so the ability of the shield and the greater mobility of the exoskeleton are keys to survive, and at the same time, make much more spectacular shootings. What I liked is that there were quite a few interactive elements on the stage, and can trap cars and trucks to trigger large explosions.

After that shooting, there is a small jump, and we went to the main level: a high-speed Highway Chase, but us without a car, jumping from vehicle to vehicle while we pursue the target and killed enemies who want to thwart our plans to cars and helicopters.

Something that I didn’t like in this area is that the jumps between vehicles and other times very of film were QTE. Yes, there were amazing on screen, but if passed much using them, they can become tiring. But hey, in this case, its use was well implemented, and I said, leaving you breathless action scenes, and that we were not even playing the demo, now only could be seen.

After the Chase is finished the demo, and starts the presentation focused on the multiplayer part. For this installment, they have endeavored to offer greater customization of the franchise options, having a total of 12 trillion possible combinations between the physical appearance, weapons, and abilities that we choose.

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team XBOX Coin Generator

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team XBOX Coin Generator

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Fifa 15 Ultimate Team XBOX Coin Generator

What has been achieved in the career? Before Eike enters the role as coach, a few brief assessment to the role as a player – da has teamed with too little. You can compete as a goalkeeper and as a field player, then upward to the national team to work. But the whole thing is always still rather sterile staged by trainer and consultant, as well as news about transfers despite emails. On the square one runs behind the arrows or instructions, trying to prevail and to improve his odds – but mittenddrin is different.

Although after a game zig statistics are collected, what goes on running paths, shots, passes, duels, positional play and ball claim, then incorporated into a note, you miss more personal feedback from the trainer as only “you will set up today” or not. You have targets and can aspire to the change of the Club, but one feels in the career like a robot. How much better, NBA 2 K has shown 13. Don’t forget to get your XBOX Coin Generator for free.

Career as a coach in Manager mode has been changed significantly this year on a central point: the Scouting is in the foreground. Unlike before, it is Not now more useful To find desired players sorted via the simple search for position during a transfer. The status values are: No more displayed at this point and you must either blindly trust or assess the player based on real performance. Instead, it should assign up to six Scouts to various areas of countries. These examine the leagues of in each country on the basis of predetermined criteria (position, strength, technique, etc.) according to their assessment and skill level.

Depending on the capabilities of the Scouts can take up this process over several weeks, offers a fairly accurate assessment of the player but then. This change slows down the transfer phase, makes it more likely false purchases and directs attention at the same time more on the players of the second row. Overall, I had to put far more attention in the transfer management what Very good I like. The negotiations have become more extensive. Often I had to go player commitments to the second or third round, to convince them of the qualities of the Bundesliga and their chances at HSV.


Otherwise, little has changed. The menus are updated and have a somewhat tidier, but there are still to occupy co trainer items nor the ability to develop players in a certain direction. The financial management remains at the rudimentary level of recent years and resists any comparison with a real football manager.
It is, however, nice that logs after lost matches at the Club’s management with me and urges me to changes in the team. After further bankruptcies, like against Derby opponents, me too openly with the expulsion threat, if no improvement occurs. Players sign up more often, ask regulars or are grateful for the trust. However, the League is often too predictable and still some results seem unrealistic and computing – especially, when it comes to reaching the top of the table and the competitors continually in step with me win and lose.

Star Wars Commander

Star Wars Commander

Star Wars Commander – The new Strategy Game for IOS

Star Wars Commander

Finally, we are officially started filming the first movie of the new Star Wars Trilogy and longtime fans, we can only be optimistic and hope that Abrams manages to be better than Lucas and his prequel trilogy, which unfortunately was not up to expectations.

Returning to London in that Director J.J. Abrams is putting back the legendary saga, supported from cinematographer Daniel Mindel and a cast that mixes familiar faces to promising new entry and confirmed that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew, John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson and Max von Sydow. Get more informationg regarding Star Wars Commander from this website.

December 18, 2015 is the designated release date and really don’t look forward to reviewing the iconic on-screen scroll written for what was billed as the first in a series of productions related to the Lucas saga that will not be limited to a new trilogy, but will expand the universe of Star Wars film now that the franchise is under the control of Disney and Kathleen Kennedy is head of LucasFilm.

The twittata official photo from Bad Robot of Abrams is just close to shooting a clapperboard, but to us it is served as an opportunity to update you on the latest rumor circulating on film and advances.

Let’s start with the official picture, the sand can be seen on the clapperboard in addition to returning with the thought to Tattoine desert planet where it all began that distant 1977, reminds us that one of the choices for film is Abu Dhabi which would precisely represent on screen the planet that gave birth to Luke Skywalker and become the refuge of the jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Apparently the area, consisting of huge set described as “an entire world”, is manned by police and the army to prevent curious is intrufolino stealing shots and removing sleep to poor Abrams that secrecy has a real mania (and blame).

Sources close to the area have identified several buildings and vehicles with some of the set on a Salt Lake. There is also a spacecraft similar to a shuttle and a large Tower. The source reports that the site is being taken a huge quantitità of explosives and that the sequences that will run on the spot will be characterized by a great battle or the impact of a spaceship of some kind. Filming in Abu Dhabi should last at least until the end of the month, this suggests that Tatooine could play an important role in the plot.

Warface XBOX 360 Aimbot

Free Aimbot for the XBOX 360 version of Warface


The free-to-play has the wind in its sails. So that more as well as publishers move to this economic model, Crytek between turn in dance with Warface. This FPS, which arrives in Europe, has already unanimously in Russia where it is already available, not fewer than five million players. This is an aimbot that you cannot miss, download it now for free!

ORS that Crysis 3 is in stores for a week, Crytek did not even time to blow, bustling on the development of its first free-to-play multiplayer FPS: Warface. A game that will be an opportunity for the developer to launch G-Face, a community platform of downloads, exclusively dedicated to creations “made in Crytek.

Input is seen, Warface does reinvents the genre, merely respect the standards of the parties repeatedly. Thus, we find ourselves before the classic but effective, with the POI, the PvP and four playable classes on 20 cards announced for the launch. On the other hand, if it expected nothing special in terms of content, the displayed graphic quality has proved enough bluffing. A remarkable fluidity, of impressive beauty, the game impresses, that is hardly surprising when one learns that the title rotates through CryEngine 3. For reminder, Crysis 2 and 3, but also other iterations to sumptuous renderings using this engine.

Input is seen, Warface does reinvents the genre, merely respect the standards of the parties repeatedly. Thus, we find ourselves before the classic but effective, with the POI, the PvP and four playable classes on 20 cards announced for the launch. On the other hand, if it expected nothing special in terms of content, the displayed graphic quality has proved enough bluffing. A remarkable fluidity, of impressive beauty, the game impresses, that is hardly surprising when one learns that the title rotates through CryEngine 3. For reminder, Crysis 2 and 3, but also other iterations to sumptuous renderings using this engine. What are you waiting for ? The Warface XBOX 360 Aimbot is waiting for you, get it now!

A FPS by Crytek, it refuses not, especially if it is free. And if the developer takes time to adjust some details, including an a bit too tender AI and a rifleman making the presence of almost useless sniper, Warface may well achieve a huge cardboard in Europe. And put in evil pay competitors.

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It will give you a big advantage over the other players. I have on my PC always 2-3 games, I play regularly and it was time for a new shooter again! All parts from BF like also COD, I played in the past, but now I think it’s real bad, that every year is a new part out. Hardly any one has played at the highest level, the game is actually over, because there’s already the next part is announced. All mates are gone in the new game, and it starts again from the beginning not to mention by the return of money. So. Well, I found the idea of the 3-class free-2-play shooter real time a good idea! A nice long run game, which could deliver also corresponding content from time to time by the revenue. Read all the news. Videos watched. And Yes, that is my next game! * freu *.

Came back home. Logged in. Plugin installation. Okay… What is it just? (Meaning my PC) He installed a 3 GB plugin without the possibility to specify a path. Already bad (SSD with little space). But well. Finish. Gface registration. Login… everything takes forever! Features all unknown and entirely superfluous how stupid. No matter. We want to play Yes. “Game Start” button found. Loads. Lands you in the games browser start menu.

Once clicked through all the menu items: shop – inventory – progress – options, etc. As far as understood. Known from all other shooters. Start game. To get to the matchmaking screen. It is expected from one that you “Ready” logs, that the match can begin (no matter whether Coop or PVP). Said than done. Nothing happens. Mega lags! Click. Click. Forever later ready, until all looked that. Forever. Game starts at last and oha… it works… no lags.

Hearthstone Hack Tool

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But in the Hearthstone is not all perfect, has some negative information maybe because is Beta. For example, it’s as simple as that of missing some mechanisms and General UI looks poor. When you are in battle with the opponent got 6 standard one-liners while I would prefer to do I normally chat and if I liked it I can do mute to player as in the Duel of Champions. I wish I could attend your friends when they play if they wish and themselves as become the Magic the Gathering. The truth is that I am in favour of theft when they are successful, but when you steal the quip “you shall not pass” of Gandalf from the Lord to put a minion or steal the Secret of the Yu-Gi-Oh make it a little better or look to earn something from it don’t do so simply because you’re Blizzard. Hearthstone Hack Tool to help you achieve victory.

Another negative factor is that in the Hearthstone strategies are numbered. As I mentioned earlier does not have specific locations in the Battlefield so they will put the monster has very little significance. All they care is if you got some monster who gives some property in neighboring as taunt or magic spell + 1, but you will not see your offers nothing more to like in Duel of Champions you can combine all the dash and do a nice battle design.

Generally the Hearthstone succeeds in simple, fast and fun gaming and fails in tactics that are a key element of the strategy games. The good thing is that it is in beta and currently has very few cards, which means that over time become more tactical. As a gamer the hours I spent were worth and with the above and because I believe that it still has room for improvement I strongly recommend.

Generally the Hearthstone succeeds in simple, fast and fun gaming and fails in tactics that are a key element of the strategy games. The good thing is that it is in beta and currently has very few cards, which means that over time become more tactical. As a gamer the hours I spent were worth and with the above and because I believe that it still has room for improvement I strongly recommend.

the Hearthstone is a game that deals with the 1v1 fight two players. Players can choose different mods which have quite different between them. At the beginning of their career in the “have only basic hearthstone cards but rarer than earning:


Card packages or purchased or earned from the arena. Levels that go up separately with each Hero (every 2 level a card)

There is also magic dust (magic dust) won with either to break the “excessive” cards from either arena. With the dust she can do craft cards which isobathmizei the fact that there is not a trading system which provoked many reactions, although in my opinion it can detract from the game.

the Hearthstone is located in the Warcraft universe, with a very large percentage of characters and cards to draw from existing lore.

As I mentioned before it is a 1v1 turn-based game. each player starts with 30 life and its purpose is to reach the opponent to 0 and the game over. the available heroes are 9 and are the: Mage (Jaina Proudmoore), Priest (Anduin Wrynn), Warlock (Gul’dan), Paladin (Uther the Lightbringer), Warrior (Garrosh Hellscream), Druid (Malfurion Stormrage), Hunter (Rexxar), Rogue (Valeera Sanguinar), and Shaman (Thrall).

At the beginning of each round, the player draws one of the 30 cards that exist in the selected deck. most cards are available for all classes but there are certain settings that are specific to each class that along with the hero power makes each deck separate.




Amazing Dayz Hack Tools

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It goes, let’s cautiously… in the window seems to be a dangerous guy. It is armed, or who is not a zombie, but… is it friend or foe? In DayZ, as in a real case of this magnitude, it would not be advisable to rely on excess of strangers. No doubt go in group it is best to go alone, seek help and an Alliance is good advice, but an overly confident survivor is easy fodder for thieves looking to snatch any delivery of value that you take over.

In this title you won’t have things easy, you don’t expect to see the typical bar with the name of a character of green if it’s friend or red if it is enemy. Here there is even no distinctive names. At best, those players who have killed a large number of other players will have a different skin, one of “bandit” to identify which are dangerous players. In short, when you find someone unknown you decide, for example:

Hitting a shout: “Hey you! friend or enemy? I come in peace are, not disparate! “.” Or directly to throw a warning shot: “Eye cuidao chavalote, which I’m pointing, don’t be not a false move or you flight top brains”. But, in that case it will be only? Perhaps there is someone more with it and if I shot will come by my… in DayZ uncertainty always accompany you.

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Let’s say that you consiguieras in this case an ally, a partner with which to go to explore. Super, the union makes the force. In addition the fate smiles at you and you’ve finally found a map, and I say a map, not a GPS. This is not the typical map that tells you where you are, with a circle does not. This is a map of all the life, of paper, in which you have to use your compass and your sense of orientation to know where you are and where you’re going. We continue exploring then. With the help of our partner will be able to take charge of small groups of zombies that we find ourselves without wasting valuable ammunition and watching that if were injured will heal us, or otherwise sangraremos to death. Ah! and I forgot that during our little adventure will also need to eat, drink and sleep. Because eye, if your character dies, it dies, forever. You will have to start from scratch with a new one. Programs for dayz 2014.

Is that all? will be wondering the most critical of the place… maybe not. If what you have read so far I think little, in DayZ you can also collect materials to make barricades, or even if you find a helicopter accident attempting to fix it. Seriously, do many games give you this kind of freedom and so real feeling of being in an extreme survival situation? Few or none.

And this MOD is still in a very early stage of its development, its future is bright. This week announced a new patch which, among other things, adds the possibility of contamination. Sick players (those who have been attacked by an infected) will have to find the antidote to cure as your body temperature will go down until screen starts to shake, in which case there will be to look for wood to make a fire and warm. Fortunately, or unfortunately, sick players will be coughing heavily, so the healthy players know who is ill, in which case imagine the scene: you go with your group of friends, you attack and one falls sick. You help to find the antidote, with the risk that you catch, or kill you? This patch also increases the difficulty, because before the water bottles could fill in the ocean, but from now on it will only be possible to drink fresh water.

And reading this, surely you can now understand how a game of almost 4 years ago has turned back to number one in the list of sales. Because everyone wants to play DayZ. A game that offers us everything we always wanted in a title of zombies/infected.


PlanetSide 2 Aimbot

Download the new PlanetSide 2 Aimbot and start pwning your enemies now

Vehicles in PlanetSide 2 are actually a huge chunk of gameplay and only decorative it is not their role. There are vehicles for both battle-ground and transportation by air, and many can be used from the three breeds, such as eg. ATV Flash engine or the Liberator Bomber. Some are exclusively for each faction, such as the Mosquito of Terran Republic, a single-seater flying ‘ weed ‘ or the Vanguard, the powerful Conglomerate of New tanks. PlanetSide 2 Aimbot to help you destroy the competition.

All the vehicles are easy to handle and their integration in the game is flawless. It is also worth mentioning the remarkable balance between them. A daily battle of PlanetSide 2 includes a few dozen infantry units scattered across the field, a dozen tanks around several flying vehicles over your heads. In most large-scale confrontations the picture is magnificent, with epic confrontations both on the ground and in the sky.

When conquest of a basis of opponents you resources, Harris in which you can buy three types of vehicles (Aerospace, Mechanized, Infantry). The Infantry has to do with the special outfit MAX mentioned above, because, Yes, the PlanetSide 2 also has mechs, equally fun to handle and in battle!

The gameplay takes place in three vast regions, whose maps are among the largest that we have come across in MMOFPS. Each area can support up to 2,000 players. In the home menu select your preferred server, watching in a simple chart, the percentages of players involved in each faction. Every server includes these three continents, so the limit of players coming up in impressive number (FPS) of 6000 in each. To mention here how you can easily switch from one area to another, through the central database of your tribe.

The three available maps are the Indar, a reddish Sandy area with very sparse vegetation (something like the planet Mars with few trees), the contrast is Amerish something like jungle and the Esamir, essentially a frozen continent. On each map there are scattered many bases of various sizes, which are the points of interest around which raging battles for dominance of the three factions. To mention here that the choice of map where you can see the map in your screen is very well designed, comprehensive and you can easily understand what and played.
In this vast environment thousands of players collide in a perpetual war prevalence. A true MMO feel but is supported by a purely FPS gameplay. There lies, in our view, the crux of the PlanetSide 2 as the base is a very well-made Shooter.

In general the weapons have the feeling of solidity that is required, the individual ability and sign the player play an important role and the movement of the character supports perfectly the kind. In this respect the creation of SOE goes swimmingly as it combines ideally the massiveness of an MMO with the immediacy of a FPS. Of course all of this with the support of the classic for the kind of handling that shows no problem and the experienced player will feel “like home”.

As mentioned above, you can experience the game as a solitary experience, but the structure of the PlanetSide 2 sooner or later will push you on to “socialize”. Initially, without many-many, you can at any time while playing to join a squad of up to 12 people (unknown to each other) with the touch of just one button. So you start to get an idea of cooperation, joint action and collective way of playing. You can see the members of your group on the map, even to regularly contact via voice chat.

Beyond that if you want you can create your own clans with your friends, or Outfits like call developers. The PlanetSide 2 supports the creation of such clans in various ways and you can find several interesting things in choosing Social of the host menu, such as ability for Live Streaming, voice chat between members of Outfit etc.