counter strike source

Counter-Strike Source

Counter-Strike Source: Three years After

How is the jazzed up multiplayer shooter three years after its first publication. We told it in the following test.

counter strike source

As counter-strike: Source officially launched in October 2004, was the whining
in the clan size: the program is not so suitable for the E-sports, too many bugs and inaccurate weapon behavior would absurdity any fair competition. More than two years later, still the old counter strike is played in major tournaments such as the ESL (electronic Sports League) or the GameStar League. Because the source variant not enough even after several patches yet the demands of professionals. We have explored what has changed and still have to change in our missions in the game.

More playgrounds

There was the release of counter-strike: source just nine official maps, is now double the number available. Among these are new editions of counter strike classic as the bomb scenario» de_nuke “or the hostages” cs_militia «.»

The new old playgrounds have been changed only subtly, are quick to learn so for connoisseurs of the originals. Completely fresh creations behind the name» cs_compound «or» de_port «.» The hostage map» cs_compound «is very rare in normal mode with all the weapons played; often, the server administrators disable the powerful sniper rifles, because otherwise the terrorist group enormously beneficiaries by level building hardly by the cops to crack.

HDR effects (high dynamic rendering) built into most cards now. So smart, the also look, they can be so annoying, because opponents through the Sun’s glare are much harder to detect. Most players therefore disable.

Where is the ammo?

Conuter-Strike: Source weapons

Who started counter strike source the first time again after the last major changes by November 1 this year, might have wondered, that the ammunition purchase using the usual key combination not wanted to fold.

The announcement: Valve has introduced a new pricing system. Weekly prices are recalculated now of weapons, which are often purchased; the more players to a specific gun access, it will become more expensive. The game at our test games will almost $13,000 for the normally $650 Desert Eagle have cheap gun. To make sure the player without a tired cents on the cards, the game gives the maximum possible ammo to you after all when purchasing a gun. About B + 6 now enters the selection menu for Kevlar vest and helmet.

Because only about every fifth server participates in the system (that can be disabled through a simple command), but still issued free ammunition, players arrive to enough money for big guns such as the Arctic warfare Magnum sniper rifle now much faster. We find prima, because as a party can not permanently benefit from a weapon.

Everything at a glance

One of the recent innovations for Counterstrike source is the mini map. There was only a simple green radar screen, where you could see nearby members of your team and the location of the bombs, formerly in the upper-left corner of the screen the new mini map shows also routes of friends. Opponents again even by you or IH-ren team kameraden are marked there for a few seconds, even though they’re gone again from the point of view fields. This is useful only if you respond quickly on a sighting and better meet your adversaries. Three years have passed since the release of the game but Counter strike Source Hacks still plague the majority of servers and valve doesn’t seem to be able to stop the cheating epidemic,

Max The Curse of Brotherhood Review

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Review

Is your kidnapped Princess not once, then it’s your annoying little brother though. Although a despoiled family member never fun, we go in the case of Xbox One-game Max: The Curse of Brotherhood like the adventure to get to little boy landed at home. Especially when we already have a number of fine puzzles after 15 minutes. Loves that brother of us still but hidden somewhere, we still have a few hours by platforms.

Max The Curse of Brotherhood Review

The game from the outset, namely exudes energy and creativity. Although a Super Saiyan-version of Jimmy Neutron as protagonist not an overly inspired choice of developer is-of the original characters should not have the game – is a key player with no real speed, jump strength or attack skills be refreshing. And that works because the game fully comes to life thanks to a magic marker pen. With the drawing kits we put lines that a nigh on impossible-looking obstacle suddenly very accessible. Even for our ‘ Hero ‘ Max.

Just no real magic

The magic marker pen is undeniably at the core of the gameplay and the concept is very strong. Draw a line from a suitable point and a carrot appears. Draw a line from another point and a beautiful vine winds through the level. Combining these lines makes it really interesting. For example, a root sign, hang there a Liana attached, hang from the other side then there still a Liana, chop the carrot from the starting point, and hoppa, since you have a huge pendulum to move from one side to the other side. At a later stage, you can also use a water jet to launch yourself and magical purple bullets to disable enemies. When all these options come together creates quite the feeling that each level a lively children’s playground.

At some point you have the mechanics by and do you expect that besides strong puzzles also what speed and agility is introduced. The game then does well to tell us to insert some asses and sections in which these elements come to the fore, but at those times draws the limitation of the concept. A controller is simply not accurate enough to draw the appropriate lines at high speed. Then the solution seems obvious: Kinect. Funnily enough, however, this is not possible.

Abrupt end

As a result we remain mired in a mix of strong puzzles and simple run-and spring work. The adrenaline rush that often in platform games comes off in the later levels, when about every enemy is thrown at you and you need to make the most impossible jump combinations, now unfortunately. As a result, it feels like the game somewhat abruptly ends and never really is loosened. The story helps there as well.

Now have a good platform game to have no strong plot, but in Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, the developers there quite a bit blown. The design of a little brother that needs to be saved is clear, but what the motivation of the bad magician Mustachio to kidnap the brother and why you by an old woman is helped, is completely unclear. The story does nothing to the rhythm in the game to hold or to an understandable climax.

On the other hand, the graphics are a positive point. No next-gen Fireworks, but colorful, fresh and super sharp. Very occasionally, if the screen is full starting to get there some hitches, but not on a disturbing level. The music plays his role as Assistant atmosphere maker properly, although it is somewhat vergetelijk. So it remains a mystery why the game does not end, especially of Kinect or Smartglass-integration features. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a promising painter, that simply has to actually not the brushes to make a masterpiece. We are left with a painting that intrigues, but especially drowns in his own ambition.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is played on an Xbox One.

monster hunter tri ultimate review

Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate

Our Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate Review

People were once hunters and gatherers, struggling to survive and happy with every meal. Now we are all angry like the bag of chips that we bought just a bit different tastes than those other bag of the same brand, which tasted so good last week at that bottle of Chilean wine from the local grocery store. We are not adventurous warriors more. Unless we play Monster Hunter.

monster hunter tri ultimate review

The Monster Hunter series is a phenomenon in Japan. The game was responsible for the success of the PSP, where Monster Hunter players spent long hours in pubs to in teams of four on Dino’s to hunt.

The game made the step to the Nintendo Wii in the form of Monster Hunter Tri, which was largely ignored in the West. Capcom does not give it on and brings Tri now if HD upgrade to Wii you and the 3DS. Wii U-version and 3DS version are identical, except for multiplayer. The Wii you can online, the 3DS is only ad-hoc multiplayer, so if others within the range of our 3DS. Interestingly, we our full progress of Wii to 3DS (and vice versa) Messaging. That means that we are on the 3DS solo missions and related matters can complete, and with the same character later online.

Monster Hunter 101

Through the game we get into the shoes of a Hunter, that ends up in a small secluded village. Here we discover that a giant monster the neighborhood unsafe, but before we can defeat this giant, we need our way along countless smaller beasts. ‘ Smaller ‘ is relatively clear here, because the dinoachtigen we encounter in our monster hunters career vary in size of trucks to small blocks of flats.

Unlike most role-playing games, we have no ‘ level ‘ that after killing some beasts goes up. Instead, our equipment is the measure of our strength. We can create weapons and armor itself (or upgrade) with the raw materials that we collect during our hunt. So are the bones and skins of our prey important materials, but we also find ore, herbs, mushrooms, insects and fish that all useful.

Killing more difficult monsters delivers rarer commodities, with which we create more powerful stuff. And thus we can beat even stronger monsters. This is a delicious self-sustaining system, where we hunt to be able to hunt.

The hunt itself is a pure adrenaline rush. The monsters in the game are large, dangerous and often deadly special attacks. The monsters have no bars or other manufactured life statistics. Instead, it is up to us to observe their behavior. They behave much more like animals and not as computer-controlled buit-piñata.

Certain animations warn us to attack, while we can read their gestrompel or the animal almost dead. Everything in the battle to keep the experience is pure. Monster Hunter immerses us in the struggle for life and wants to pull us with nonsense such as damage not from the fantasy numbers or magical special effects. A claw that saves the blood from our bodies, or fire breath that us armour in the fik is all we get. And that’s all we need to know what happens.

gta 5 reviews

Gta 5

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas-still impressively large

Frequent/intense realistic violence and drug references,/intens regularly irregular/mild sexual content and naked. These are but a few sentences from the iTunes rating of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but they sum up the game more than excellent together. And even though we know Apple typically like a pretty cleaners company, the game gets it a place in the top lists from iTunes App Store.

gta 5 reviews

What is surprising is that choice of course not, because San Andreas calls nearly ten years after its original release still warm feelings with most of you on. it may be a small miracle when someone who never reads this review San Andreas has played. The game was at its time unprecedented and knew an incredibly large world turning on the screen. So great, in fact, that it was almost the downfall of the game. There was simply too much space to fill and sometimes you but what ran aimlessly in a deserted area where really nothing to do.

However, the places where what to do was, took care of a lot of game fun. As in your own neighborhood where you countless street fights with the Ballas went or you unabashedly a few houses the necessary leegroofde for dollars. Or the Strip in Las Venturas where you could spend the same dollars many slots, or where you could just cruising in your pimped racing car. That you could swim and fly, also for the first time took care of so much freedom that the game still symbol represents one of the first real sandbox games.

However, enough about the game from 2004, because we are in the meantime nine years down the line. A time period in which a game like San Andreas no more on a game console running but just on your mobile or tablet. Only two gigabyte do you need to cram all that gangster violence in your pocket and whenever you want out. The experience of vivid then again, because as with previous GTA games is San Andreas one to one ported to mobile platforms.

Fat fingers?

gta 5 story

Unfortunately, after the same faulting at Vice City for iOS to have found, also at San Andreas to make do with a sometimes tricky control. That is the result of an outright transfer of gamepad to touch control. It is best to get used to your car with a touch screen at full speed down the highway and also take a ride on the motor you will undoubtedly not complete unscathed. Especially on the iPad and iPad Mini is it hard for you to get total control of your car. On the iPhone seems to respond a little better control.

Incidentally, feels better to control than in Vice City and you’ll find, is to have a fool around, after extensive sit setting that suits your playing style. In addition, the aiming system this time better on your input here too every now and then, although it remains difficult to get the camera to position correctly.

Anywhere GTA

gta 5 online
Despite the somewhat awkward touch control seems to be the game itself, however, made for the mobile platforms. San Andreas namely looks better than ever. The PC version was of course already see that the limited draw-distance on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox could much better and the mobile version just goes there. San Andreas looks especially tight with scenic views, a high frame rate and a CJ with really a bunch of fingers to his virtual hands.

The new processor in the iPhone 5S also directly in this game shows his strength. The loading times are, compared to the iPad mini and iPad 3, very short, for example, when in come and go of buildings. On the the iPads were sometimes to do with frame drops and even a few lockups, but the iPhone has all these problems not 5S. The game runs like a charm and is much sharper textures and more detail.

What San Andreas quite perfect for mobile platforms is the addition of two cloud-saves. Whether you’re in the bus with your iPhone or at home in bath with your iPad, you can login with your Social Club account anywhere and continue where you left off last time. Also the addition of save-checkpoints during the missions make the sometimes awkward controls a lot more bearable. To make a mistake once, then you don’t start all over again.