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Criminal Case Tips and Tricks

New Criminal Case Guide for Beginner’s – Cheats and Tools

criminal case cheats

Criminal case on Facebook is a game very much in vogue at the moment. It is classified in the second position of the most popular games on Facebook behind the unbeatable Candy Crush Saga. As its name suggests, it is a lurks of criminals through police investigations and a search of the different objects in the scene of the crime. The player will play the role of a police inspector who will look for clues to decipher the crime. You need to open your eyes well to conduct your investigation and unmask the culprit.

Principle of the crime game Criminal Case on Facebook:

While playing this application, you will, at each level, searching for objects that are hidden in coins with a well kept graphics. These indicators will help the investigator, once collected, to understand the crime. They then subsequently to unlock a mini game.
Criminal Case-fb is a fun game especially for those who love the gory scenes and Police Affairs. Its graph is very successful and its used is consistent with the theme of the application that gives the feeling of being a player in a real series of police. The problem in this game is that your energy is quickly consumed and the time is relatively short compared with Threads Of Mistery for example. Returning to the course of the game, once you do an acquisitions in varied and numerous indexes, you can de then choose the culprit with accuracy especially when your clues are fairly intuitive. But be careful to examine your different evidence for not making a false judgment and serious judicial errors.


The tips of gamers for Criminal Case - Here are a few tips and tricks to play well:


  • To earn more points, finish a scene before moving on to another, it is effective.
  • When finish you a chapter, you are asked to make a secondary investigation or skip to a chapter that follows, accept to it allows you to earn more.
  • Try to get 5 stars of each mission before moving on to another chapter.
  • Made a print of the image your arrival on the scene and crime and copy on paint for example allowing you to properly memorize the locations of objects. So look for this object will be easy when you return to the scene.
  • Under no circumstances should spend energy bonuses without consulting the XP bar. It must be 200 or at least more.
  • If you have a police dog, consider giving it food every 12 h because it will be able to find gifts at the crime scene.

Game Info


You’ve probably seen one of your friends resolve investigations into Facebook via the Criminal Case game. The application is a real cardboard and federates each day more than 9 million players. Pretty Simple, the start-up that publishes the game has even the record for the fastest growth on the network game. A success that allows income amounting to EUR 10 million in 2013. Serge Versillé, head of communication of the editor returns to this success. You can always try the new Criminal Case Cheats and beat the game using one of the many tools available on the internet.

Your main game is Criminal Case, can you give us quickly and the team that is behind?

Criminal Case, it is a social game of police investigations. Supported by the faithful Inspector Jones, each player embodies a rising star of the scientific police of Grimsborough, to unravel dark homicides. Immersed in this universe of detective series, players-investigators looking for clues at crime scenes, analyze their discoveries and interrogate suspects, up to unmask the culprits. It meets in this adventure more than 120 original characters, including recurring characters of the story, and members of the police team assisting the player. The atmosphere and the quality of the writing make Criminal Case a powerful immersive experience, and seen in the groups that our players really fit into their character. The social spirit of the game also sticks to the universe of police investigations, because it combines both cooperation between teammates, and a measure of competition to be the best investigator.

Pretty Simple behind the game team, is a little more than 40 people, graphic designers, writers called mission designers because there is also from the level design in what they do, of the game designers of course developers, two producers, and yet some other occupations. We create our games, carry out from A to Z, and publish we even on Facebook and iOS soon. The company is very young, she was created in 2010 by Bastien Cazenave and Corentin Liberals, with the support of the investment fund Idinvest.

candy crush saga cheats

Candy Crush Saga Guide for Noobs

Strategies – Tips and Cheats for Candy Crush Saga

candy crush saga cheats

It is now several months that a “casual” game ever occupied the first places in the Apple App Store and this as well on iPhone and iPad. Rather well done, it is terribly addictive and I must admit that around me, many people are even truly addicted. You can always search for tools like the Candy Crush Saga Cheats to help you beat the game in record time.

You will perhaps recognize the greedy, gelled and fruity Candy Crush saga saga! If this is the case, you’re probably, you also addicted (or curious!) and a few tricks that follow may help out you!
Candy Crush Saga for iPhone/iPad download here for free on the App Store.
Here are the tricks, but before, don’t forget to download our app with tricks, tips have become free apps daily, new info iPhone 5 S and iPhone 5 c (color and not expensive!), accessories etd tests’ apps. To go further with your iPhone iPod touch and iPad!

Year in advance for the tips:

If you do not know and I doubt, Cady Crush is a puzzle game to collect candies of the same color to make them disappear and hope to go as far as possible in very many proposed levels.
For corser all, a limited number of travel is awarded to the player who will have to be more clever to achieve its ends over the levels.

Candy Crush Saga: 5 tips for faster progress

GAME – How get faster through the levels without pay or cheat? Metronews gives you the basic tips to be more effective on Candy Crush Saga.

Tired of being blocked at a level and start over for the hundredth time? Want to be more efficient on Candy Crush Saga and less waste time on fairly easy levels? Metronews delivers its advice to progress faster in this game to success.

  1. read the explanations of departure. It often spreads too much to want to destroy pieces of chocolate or cages while the level simply requires a number of point or the elimination of specific elements.
  2. go by Facebook when it’s too hard. If you repeat for the hundredth time the same level, the solution is to pass by the version of the game on the social network. Why? The level is the same, but there are more chances to earn bonuses that facilitate the task.
  3. offer lives! It will be a pleasure to your Facebook friends but especially there are chances that they make you reciprocate. Consequence: cela avoid having to beg for aid (which is a little shame, he must admit)
  4. use the best combinations mixing a packaged candy and a striped good is the must of what we can do. The black super-bonbon (obtained by aligning five identical elements) mixed with a striped candy turns all the same color striped candy sweets. Cominez two candy stripes of same color or different colors for any elminier to the vertical and the horizontal.
  5. ignore candy flashing. When you move more candy for a little while, the game “help you” by flashing a combination of three possible elements. Do not play! It is rarely the best action to take, or often even the most inefficient. As if this was not flashing and look elsewhere before coming to this ultimate solution.

Top Eleven Tricks and Tips

Top Eleven Strategies to become a Great Manager – new Cheats

Top Eleven cheats

I had presented Top Eleven in a previous article and I said that I so so I found abused mechanics F2P (Free to play) or P2W (Pay to Win). This has been made since the publication of my article. Yes, I am a man of his word. However, I wasn’t going to take away in the tomb the tips and tricks that will allow you to save more tokens, and the coup, win maybe more games. Nevertheless, in this kind of game, there are no secret. Either you use Top Eleven Cheats, either you pay, or you refilez your personal info to everyone. Personally, I didn’t want to use one of these methods, so I found some free stuff. Nothing revolutionary. I share them with you:

  • Don’t bid on auctions ending. Beyond 5 minutes, there is no point losing a token in bidding. You’ll never make bargains like on Ebay or the Wow AH.
  • If you see that there are many many people on a player, release the case… you will find others at another time.
  • Do not tokens use to construct your buildings faster, or to treat your players.
  • Avoid buying from players of your training centre. This Council is very questionable. But I think that you can always find an equivalent player for much cheaper.
  • Cut back your pride. When it is not, do not. Set a amount of tokens do not exceed. Better to lose a player for 10 tokens, rather that lose your 20 tokens.
  • Avoid old players. Of course you pay them less expensive, but you you delimited more quickly. In addition, they will progress that too little compared to young people.

Important Tips

  • Bid early in the morning. When I had to get up (before 7 h) for the job, I could bust of very good players in paid 1 or 2 tokens only, instead of 8 or 10 at midday.
  • Always place a bid in the last 3 seconds. However do not be the last to be the highest bidder. If someone else is the best, maybe no Assistant will bid you it not for an additional round or maybe will be make it a network failure. It has already worked several times for me!
  • If you have friends, harass them for friendlies.
  • If you have friends, ask them to play a little and sponsor them.
  • As soon as you can, make the type cardio workouts, etc. your players evolve more quickly. To avoid that they are all punctured, choose training at 2 for holders, 3 for replacements.
  • Choose the sponsor that file you 1 token per day with a bonus of one every 4 days. It is with this that I have won the most.
  • Tips for free tokens:
  • Videos Manjrekar. Finally, launch them and put them backwards plan by cutting the sound in another tab. Doing something else at the same time.
  • Fill forms with a bogus address and all your cans details. It works once on 4 more, so sorry to have to let go of your real Info for nothing!
  • Create fake Facebook accounts and refer you yourselves! It is reprehensible but who cares
  • The margin for manoeuvre is still limited to win without cheating. Thats all I have to offer you. Make what you want! This is no longer my responsibility.
farm heroes saga cheats

Farm Heroes Saga Strategies and Cheats

Download the latest cheats for Farm Heroes Saga and make the game easier

Today I will introduce you to a game very fun that is Farm Heroes Saga on Facebook which is essentially based on combinations of a block of vegetables or fruit similar to the rules of the Candy Crush FB game. This application-fb is very well developed side design and is very attractive attracting so many thousands of online players around the world. To play several tricks are for quickly earn magic beans for example or extra lives to understand… You can find lots of Farm Heroes Saga Cheats for free on the official website.

Principle of the Farm Heroes Facebook game:

To play Farm Heroes facebook, it’s simple. Combine identical boxes (3) which are aligned and then collect the different vegetables or fruit while taking into account the displacement that are restricted. You must then remember to intelligently combine products for more value and subsequently earn rewards (3 stars in each level). During your shift in levels, you’ll see a card that will indicate your progress in the game.

Tips Farm Heroes Saga Facebook:

farm heroes saga cheats

Even if this game seems at first glance simple to play but it requires a lot of concentration and strategies of games. Several Farm Heroes cheats are available to earn easily more of life, bonuses and free booters that is reactivated automatically. Here are some tips and tricks for better play this game:

Focus you on this puzzle game and do not travel quickly. Take some time before making travel and wait for suggestions for the application that will propose the best movements for vegetables and fruit.
Promote the eliminations of flowers and chicks at the beginning because it is difficult to do generally.
Combine always fruits and vegetables to multiply their values to facilitate the filling of your missions quickly.

  • Take time to play, and avoid using the ‘booters’ quickly. Keep the more as soon as possible.
  • Ask help from your friends – fb or even post your requests in specialized forums or on Farm Heroes fan pages. There is a trade between players to unlock each one.
  • If you got lives and your friends sending you news, before launching the part, close the window of lives received for not to lose. Once you have exhausted your hearts, you can retrieve 5 lives already received (in your e-mail) which allow you to well win on farm heroes on FB.

Available on mobile since shortly after flaming Facebook, the new Match-3 King remains however as Candy Crush Saga, a free-to-play game. And like all games from the same genre, there are in-app purchases, and in this case, there are many.

There is obviously the system of life, but also a whole bunch of bonuses that can be unlock with two different currencies: beans that is gained when one completes a level (their number varies according to the stars you win), but also of gold bullion which are payable with money real and which are also necessary to retrieve additional transactions.

In this guide, we’ll explain the basics of the game, but also how best boosters work, while you revealing various tips for better out you in Farm Heroes Saga.
The aim of the game is to complete the victory conditions laid down at the beginning of each stage using a limited number of shots. To do this, you must marry the icons of fruits and vegetables between them to at least form a line of three icons. This will result to disappear and to increase your number of points at the end. As you can imagine, if you match only three icons, this will have adverse effects on your lens. To succeed, it must take into account the combos you can do by aligning four or five, this will lead to add a digit to the icons related to your objective and so to maximize your chances to unlock more during a next match. In general, it should also be noted that cause vertical matches is most often synonymous with victory horizontal.

dragon city cheats

Dragon City Tricks and Tips

Dragon City Guide – Strategies and Cheats

dragon city cheats

This is a small introduction to explain to you what I publish on this blog… I will publish tips on dragon city, a game on facebook.
First of all, let me introduce. My name is Sarah and I am a big fan of dragon city, and here I understand that this article is not interesting and I’ll probably take me the wind of the century… I am currently at level 21, but I know a lot of tricks and my lens is not the level.
I know too what is the concept, but for me, it is to be the richest, having the most powerful dragons, to have the rarest dragons… For my part, I’ll focus on the few dragons in this blog. Get the best Dragon City Cheats for free and download them to your PC or SmartPhone.
First, I explain to those who do not know dragon city:
This game on facebook that successful talks about the dragons (no joke), and there are multitudes of dragons.

  • The ‘master’ of the game is Deus and the maximum level is apparently 50.
  • We start with little powerful dragons, with which we blacksmiths a Kingdom.

The dragons with one element are to pay with gold (from dragon city) at a price relatively low (except for the dark dragons and metal, which are more expensive and also the legendary dragons, which can be obtained through special couplings, or by paying 2,500 gems…)
Thanks to tournaments, we earn gems, very useful to continue the adventure quickly.

This game requires patience, it will take more than two days for a coupling of legendary dragons.

  • And this is a little long enough summary. To begin with, this is fairly simple tricks, I en will put more complicated:
  • Play well every day to the daily bonus.
  • Try to make all of the tournaments that you can.
  • Here, it is difficult to characterize these simple things like the “tricks”. Turn to modes of reproduction rather complicated, for the dragons with which we have legendary dragons. Beware, nothing is guaranteed! Gonna maybe redo the couplings on several occasions! And you can wait really long to get the desired dragon. High levels would be preferable. Here the couplings to do to get the Dragons to reverse types:
  • Dragon Phoenix + Dragon star or dragon laser + dandelion dragon = Dragon gelatin (or fire dragon and ice or football when you make dragon laser + dragon dandelion)
  • Alpine dragon + medieval dragon = fire dragon and ice or dragon football or dragon tattoo
  • Dragon Penguin + mercury dragon = dragon oil or pirate

After the tricks to get the best Dragon City dragons, I offer today my guide & trick to Combat world of Dragon City!

The Combat world in Dragon City, or Combat World, is a very good way to get gems for free.

The world of Dragon City Combat offers a progressive fix. Indeed, the dragons you face will have a more high level. You can try to make the world fighting tournament every 12 hours. And beware, make sure your internet connection is in good market and do not turn off your computer suddenly. Otherwise you will lose the tournament and you will need to wait 12 hours before you can try your luck again!

deer hunter 2014 cheats

Deer Hunter 2014 Tricks and Tips

Get the new Cheats for Deer Hunter 2014 – Dominate the game like a Pro

deer hunter 2014 cheats

Deer Hunter 2014 is a hunting simulation that combines strategy and action. This game allows you to track down 100 species of animals across various territories of the world. The game incorporates a wide range of weapons with different characteristics which can be modified as needed. Controls are intuitive and the sighting system is realistic, allowing a good immersion in the game. Deer Hunter Cheats will give you a tremendous advantage and will enable you to beat the levels with ease.

  • Hunting: in Deer Hunter 2014, the player will have to browse areas of the globe to kill different types of game in numerous challenges. This game features several species of animals to hunt, including deer and wild boar as well as large predators such as polar bears.
  • Customization of weapons: Deer Hunter 2014 proposes to use four types of weapons of various models, namely the pistols, sniper rifles, the shotguns and assault rifles. Several parts of the weapons can be customized to improve their effectiveness. For example, it is possible to increase the capacity of the charger.
  • Special items: it is possible for the user to use specific tools to help him during hunting. The battery allows for example to charge the infrared gauge when it runs. Infrared offers the possibility to locate the vital points of animals to bring them down with a single bullet.

How to get this fantastic Tool

Over the past few years Android and iOS games have gained in popularity. Many titles succeed and are now recognizable and playable everywhere in the world. One of the most recent game is Deer Hunter 2014. Have you ever heard of this game? This is a fantastic hunting game where your job is to pull more than 100 different species of animals. For each successful shot you get some money that you can spend later on different types of weapons. The next big thing about Deer Hunter is that you can earn trophies that show how Hunter you managed. You do not like to play alone? Do not worry. You can simply join hunting club, to share your experience with other members and have fun with friends. You do not need to spend a dime to play this match. However, to obtain additional and unique you pay real money.

Deer Hunter 2014 is very realistic and well developed as a hunting Simulator. Many cards are waiting for you to discover. Begin your journey to the United States Pacific Northwest, traveling around the world and finally arrive in Savannah in Central Africa. Discover the wild world is certainly very involved. However, at some point you can get bored and try some additional features that are available only in shop for real money. The problem is that everyone cannot have the necessary funds to get the gold. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution so that everyone can enjoy the game and get gold for free with Deer Hunter 2014 Hack. How? It is a piece of cake. Let-me to explain to you how it all started. Our team of experts involved in the piracy industry took the decision to develop generator of gold which will make it easy to get a few extra parts free of charge.

farmville 2 cheats

Farmville 2 Tips and Tricks

Cheats for Farmville 2 – Make the game easier

farmville 2 cheats

Zynga announced that FarmVille 2: Country Escape comes this update on iOS and Android. Good news: this episode dropped bad habits supported FarmVille first name!

You’re more receive invitations to play FarmVille on Facebook? Don’t worry, your friends playing FarmVille 2: Country Escape should no longer need to annoy you to progress. As the precise Zynga, it is now possible to play only in anonymous mode to this suite.

We also invite you to consult this comment made by Jonathan Knight, Vice President of games from Zynga:

“The game was designed taking into account feedback from our players. We have therefore integrated new features: the ability for players to play alone or with friends, the link between the mobile game and 2 FarmVille on Facebook, or even access to the game offline. We have created an experience in which all fans of FarmVille will meet. At a time where we strive to develop and maintain this expensive franchise to our society and our players, we are delighted that FarmVille 2: Country Escape opens a new chapter in FarmVille on mobile device. »

Farmville and Farmville 2 are appreciated by many different people everywhere in the world. The game instantly became a hit on Facebook and uploading application platforms. However, there is a problem. After some time spent with this game, you find yourself somehow stuck.

Farmvile 2 Cheats and Tools

Many people end up spending a lot of money on additional objects for Farmville to enlarge their farm much more quickly. However, with a tool to hack Farmville 2 Cheats methods almost anyone can expand his farm quickly and easily. There is already a wide range of methods of cheating on Farmville 2, but Farmville 2 hack tool brings you even more than before. Now, any player can gain instant access to the objects he needs to make his most glorious farm. Nobody will need to empty his account Bank just to get ahead in the game. Farmville 2 hack tool will surely make the game easier and even funnier, all in a few clicks…

In just a few clicks or keystrokes you’ll have almost total control of your farm. Cheat methods may also be used, at the same time as the Farmville 2 hack tool! This tool will surely allow your farmer saves a lot of money, allowing it to get the objects he needs in the game. There are many options that come with each 2 Farmville hack tool, and all should be explored. Each option allows the player to do a lot of different things to help him to progress through the game faster than those who have no method of cheat on Farmville 2. This tool is easy to learn, without endless statement or particular problem. It is also completely safe to use!

There are too many benefits that come with a tool to hack Farmville 2 and cheat of Farmville 2 methods. Obviously, the main advantage being that you will be able to advance in the game much more quickly and more easily than others who do not have such a tool to hack Farmville 2. Once you begin to use the tool to hack Farmville 2 you will notice how the game became easy. However, there are always fun! Another advantage over the use of the tool is that you will never need to spend a single dollar on things like formula milk or sugar. The objects become easily accessible, making the game much richer. Farmville 2 hack tool is the best way to improve your game. It is easy to use and offers many options to make your game more fun than ever before. With the methods Farmville cheat 2 you find new pleasure with the game, and stop stress of not having enough essential objects. Farmville 2 hack tool is perfect for players who are serious about their way of playing, and who wish to grow and enjoy their game without spending extra money. Next time you’re about to come out 20 bucks on a few “Farm Bucks”, download the Farmville 2 hack tool and start playing your way!

Marvel Avengers Alliance cheats

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tips

Strategies and Cheats for Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel Avengers Alliance cheats

Test and review of the role of Marvel action game: Avengers Alliance, currently available on iOS and browser via and Facebook. A great entertainment, but…

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a promising and free RPG developed by Marvel Entertainment and published by Playdom – the two subdivisions of Disney, launched on Facebook, and Apple iOS, and awaited on Android.

Combining social gaming with role-playing game of turn-based action, it takes elements that make the success of playing cards (collectible characters, acquire new skills, develop the arsenal, etc.) while offering a nice management interface and nice graphics. You can find some tools like the Marvel Avengers  Alliance Cheats here for free.

The first game days passed, that really earned this title so praised that he won in 2012 of the Best Social Game at the Video Game Awards?

You play as a new recruit to the S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division), spy agency bringing together the greatest superhero of the universe Marvel as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America, you need to arm and train, while forging alliances with other characters and possibly recruit them.

Following the orders of Nick Fury and Maria Hill agents, you need to first support Tony Stark and Clint Barton in order to defeat Hydra then The Syndicate, alliance of villains who stormed Manhattan Captain Steven Rogers. The adventure is divided into chapters, each with a limited number of fights in one or more waves, with a Boss need to defeat to advance in history.

It goes without saying that the difficulty increases significantly over the fighting, and that to refine a few levels, you will be often forced to perform dozens of times the same easy missions.

Thins you need to know to cheat the game

Like any game management that respects itself, you will need to collect silver coins, gold bullion, points S.H.I.E.L.D. and command points in order to:

  • Buy new weapons and more powerful armor;
  • Increase the number of slots for weapons;
  • Buy equipment care, restoration of force or energy;
  • Buy bombs and its ISO-8, crystals that enhance the abilities of superheroes;
  • Recruit new powerful superhero;
  • etc.
  • Money is earned through the missions won, the daily rewards or defeating a Boss, while gold, S.H.I.E.L.D. points and command points are much harder to acquire.
  • Like all current games offering everything a component devoted to the In – App Purchases, everything is done to encourage players to spend real money to buy these virtual currencies, otherwise the character development is extremely slow. For example, lead to Iron Man to move from level 2 to level 3 costs 15 S.H.I.E.L.D. points which are worth 15 gold bullion, knowing that 8 ingots are sold at €1.79. Same for recruitment since to convince Spider-Man to join your ranks, think to spend 90 points of commandments, of which 50 are worth 25 gold bullion.
  • It is always possible to short-circuit the system by regularly sending your heroes in missions, what brings money, but to unlock more of parking areas for the MK I Sparrow used to travel in Turkey, India and Singapore, it is necessary to spend money, recruit crews with gold… A viciously effective and extremely frustrating system!


Pet Rescue Saga cheats

Pet Rescue Saga Tricks and Tips

Pet Rescue Saga  Cheats and strategies to beat the game

Pet Rescue Saga cheats

You love Pet Rescue Saga but you block on one level and you are looking for tips and tricks to pass? Here are the solutions Pet Rescue Saga

First, just as Candy Crush Saga, we can not show you any video made on how to pass a level on which you block because the color blocks are randomly selected each time you restart a level. What you’ll find on this page are the tips to increase your chances of success globally.

First thing to understand, Pet Rescue Saga is a game in which you must click on the colors to make them disappear without thinking. We have before us a pure puzzle game. If your goal is not to think for a second, change game

Pet Rescue Saga offers two main gameplay modes: The mode in which to save animals, the mode in which you must pass to clean the screen of a certain percentage of blocks. In each mode, you must pass to score a minimum number of points. Must therefore meet two conditions to get there.

Solution Pet Rescue Saga, Saving animal fashion:

You need to understand quickly how many animals may appear on the screen simultaneously. Some levels do appear a second animal after you have saved the first, then the third, then the fourth. You will be set up in 5 shots if you can have multiple animals in parallel.
- In case you did that one by one, you must understand that when an animal touches the ground, it will be your next move will determine what line will appear next to animal rescue! The key to success is played there. Before playing your next shot, so you must analyze each column and see who can remove it entirely from top to bottom without constraint. In this case, it is necessary to break a few blocks only on the column (ie in the vetical direction) for forcing the animal to appear in that column! This way you can save in just 3 or 4 shots.
You have 2 options to best use your rocket: Either you are shooting in the column of the animal to save it immediately, or you are shooting in any column just after saving an animal. In this way, you have good chances that the animal is found immediately next to the bottom of the table.

  • In the event that you can save more animals in parallel, take the same strategy, be especially careful because you can not remove an animal. Try to shoot your rocket to animals really stuck (with several unbreakable unless sacrifice 5 or 6 shots orphan blocks). In this way, you can immediately release a column and increase your chances of creating combinations.
  • Solution Pet Rescue Saga, Fashion Clear the Blocks:
  • In this game mode, your goal is to play slowly and especially not to click on the colored blocks from the start. Each shot can prevent you from completing the level if you do not pay attention at the outset. We need to think from the bottom of the table and gently back to understand how many blocks of any color may be orphaned, so unbreakable. Also, go outside table because end up with the last two blocks of the same color to the extreme right and the extreme left is a bit like bowling when there are only 2 pins of the extremities standing (also frustrating is not it?).

Tip to score a maximum of points:

To pass the level, the objecctif is twofold. Save the animals or clean the blocks AND a minimum score points. To score points, you must make combinations of the most consistent possible colors. The more you blasting blocks of the same color in one shot, the more points you get. If you chain combos is jackpot. It is better to lose 1 hit and break 2 blocks to create a chain of 10 blocks to break, that break twice five blocks. Get more points with the Pet Rescue Saga Cheats and tools to exploit the game.

Each animal you save will yield bonus points at the end of the level. If you can, even if you’ve already reached the number of animals required to save to pass the level, continue to save them! Each dot represents the equivalent of a big combo blocks of color.
If you have other tips, do not hesitate! If they are good, I will add them directly into the article!

Texas HoldEm Poker online cheats

Texas HoldEm Poker Tips and Cheats

Learn how to play Texas HoldEm Poker – Strategies and Cheats

Texas HoldEm Poker online cheats

This article is intended to help beginners/intermediate players improve their way of playing in Limit Texas Hold’em. If you have little experience in poker, you will need to refer to this text after/while you play to review the concepts and the strategies exposed. This paper presents a simplistic view and offers tips that follow a certain style of play. As a result, there will be no further processing of exceptions and variations that could occur in the game.

Texas Hold’em fixed limit (more commonly known as the Limit Texas Hold’em) is the version of the currently most widespread poker around the world. It is the preferred version of the casinos, both offline and online, because up to ten players can participate in each part. In addition, weak players have a reasonable chance of winning in the short term and, in general, players is ruin not too quickly and tend to play for quite a while before this happen. Get the free Zynga Poker Cheats and beat your friends on Facebook.

However, the Limit Texas Hold’em may be misleading for less experienced players. A false notion, prevalent among the players, says that you can simply sit back and follow your hands whenever you have pot odds in your favor, without pay special attention to your opponents. In reality, it is as well as playing a majority of players in Limit Texas Hold’em on tables at low limit ($ 2-$4 or 4$-8$). Furthermore, intermediate players suffer very commonly a lack of discipline (rigour) and a lack of applied aggressiveness (strong attack at the appropriate times).

In general, a completely tight/aggressive playing style is probably the most lucrative, especially in intermediate/high parts. As such, the purpose of this guide is to provide you with information about this style. It will advocate to play few starting hands, trying to take control of the game in many pots and take advantage of your position. The proposed strategies focus on the pre-flop and flop game, because this is where most beginners/intermediate players commit their greatest errors. If you play correctly until the turn, you won’t have many difficult to take decisions and will be on the right track to become a formidable player.

Texas Hold em is a complex game that requires learning and practice hours before being a controlled minimum. Follow our tips Texas Hold Em to get a good start.

Play carefully

As when one learns to drive or ride a bike, at the beginning it is better to go gently on the pedals. For your debut at poker, take any unnecessary risks and prefer a basic game said “tight” to begin. Avoid marginal hands.


The observation is one of the key factors to the poker, and one of the Texas Holdem tips that you will no doubt hear more often. All the details are important, particularly those concerning how to play your opponents (aggressiveness, amount of updates,…).

Don’t get impressed

When we started and we meet for the first time at a table surrounded by what appears to be several experienced players, sunglasses and sinister air in premium, it is easy and legitimate to be taken aback. Can’t you get paralyzed by the event and simply trust in you. The player in front of you has only two cards him also, and is as likely to miss his game as you.

Read more

Learn poker, Texas Hold’em Council ‘ em the most important remains that read a maximum on the game, starting with strategic items. You will find a large selection in our dedicated section.

Play a shot for a good reason

Poker is not a game too leaving the “freestyle”, despite what some appearances may suggest. When you do an action, ask yourself if it is credible in relation to what tells the story of the rest of the shot. Do not improvise, but made based on your image and your opponents.

Learn from your mistakes

As in life, it is always good to look to learn from its mistakes. Poker experience not many mistakes pass. Even experienced players continue to make!

The ideal is to take notes on the shots (or use software to study for online poker hand history), in order to reconsider them later to head rest.

Play within your means

Play in its resources has several vocations. The first is obviously not you to play too sums reported your income and your daily life train.
The second is somewhere related: play too large amounts can lead you in the syndrome of the game in “scared money”, namely, to play with the idea first to not lose what you play. A State of mind that can only lead you to the loss.